Fabien Pfaender

    Major Computer Science & Humanities


    Education background  

    2009 Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC) – Costech lab

    PHD in Computer Science and   Communication & Information Science Information Spatialization: semiology   of data visualization, Exploratory Data Analysis, Visual Analytics, Web data   mining


    2003 Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC)

    Master in Science and Technology, speciality Cognitive Science &   Philosophy


    2003 Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC)

    Master of Engineering in Computer   Science

    Second speciality in Philosophy, Technology and   Cognition, with honors

    Work experience

    2011–now,   UTSEUS: Associate   Professor, bachelor   and master international programs leader

    2010, UTC: Postdoc,   Project Leader AEDHE (Exploratory Analysis of   Dynamic   and Heterogenous   Data)

    2009 UTC:   Postdoc, Projet Leader Intertact.net (virtual   world for vision impaired   people)

    2008 Network   and Communication System (NCS): R&D   engineer   for voice-over-IP   services


    Research field

    Urban Data Science, Complex Networks, NLP

    Scientific results within 5 years

    Book Chapter : « A Meta-Model for   Intelligent Engineering Design of Complex City » in Systems Engineering   in Research and Industrial Practice, Pfaender, Ostrosi, Fougères, Springer 2019


    Journal paper : Semantic Interpretation   of the map with Diabetes-Related Websites, Hong Yi Shi, Marie-Christine Jaulent, Fabien Pfaender, 9th International Conference on Current and   Future Trends of Information and Communication Technologies in Healthcare   (ICTH-2019)


    Journal paper : Mapping the hyperlink   structure of diabetes online communities, Shi, H., Pfaender, F., Jaulent, M.-C., 2019  Studies in Health Technology and Informatics

    264, pp. 467-471


    Conference proceedings : Data-Driven   Calculation of Boundaries and Potentials for District Heating and Cooling   Systems, Hao Zheng, Eleanor Ho, Zheng Yang, Fabien Pfaender and Ben Schwegler, 15th International Congress of   Asian Planning Schools Association, 2019


    Open   source library:   Pfaender F., Tao T.,   Truong A., Github   – ComplexCity/policosm,   Python library to  

    extract,   explore, analyze   and draw osm based directed   networks and polygons,   Zenodo,

    doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.1478235,   2018  


    Conference organization :

    2016   Fabien Pfaender, What is   data?,   23rd interdisciplinary conference on   artificial   and natural complex systems of   Rochebrune,   http://rochebrune2016.fr/




    Data Science Literacy, Advanced Data   Visualization, Agile project Management