Research at the core of the French Technology Universities’ Group

Compiègne University of Technology (UTC) brings together nearly 300 researchers and lecturers and 280 PhD students. It promotes research that is both relevant in a given field and has impacts on other areas (transport and communication, biology, health engineering, mechanics, computer science and human and social sciences). The projects are led within the frame of public-private research partnership. UTC encompasses 9 research laboratories, among which 4 “UMR” (mixed research unit) linked to the CNRS. It also possesses a “laboratoire d’excellence”(labex MS2T), two “attractiveness clusters” (“pôles d’attractivité” i-trans and agro-resources) and 8 projects part of the “investissement d’avenir” framework.


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At Troyes University of Technology (UTT), the Charles Delaunay Institute (ICD – UMR 6281 co-directed with the CNRS since the 1st January 2014) encompasses all the research stakeholders of UTT. The Institute is organised in 3 research departments for a total of 8 research teams working on the following themes: sustainable development, mapping and advanced methods, modelling and systems safety, nano-technology and optical instrumentation, optimisation of industrial systems, autonomous networks, mechanical systems and simultaneous engineering, technologies for cooperation, interaction and knowledge for groups. A cross-functional society theme STMR (Sciences and Technologies for Risks Management) provides an interdisciplinary research framework for the ICD teams combining a total of 340 persons including 110 lecturers and researchers.


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At Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology (UTBM), research is structured in 3 clusters: « energy and computing/networks », « future industries » and «tomorrow’s transport and mobilities ». 114 lecturers and researchers and 110 PhD students form the driving forces of research whose 2016 budget amounts to 16M€ including 5M€ contractual activities in direct industrial partnership. Like other Technology Universities, research at UTBM benefits from the partnership of big companies such as ALSTOM, GE, Peugeot, Airbus, and Safran.


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