The Student Union of UTSEUS

The Student Union (shrot for SU) of UTSEUS is a subordinate student organization under the guidance of the Youth League Committee of UTSEUS (see also YLC). It is also the longest-standing and most important student organization in UTSEUS. These student union was established in September, 2006.

At present, it includes 8 functional departments: The Publicity Department, the Organization Department, the Science and Technology Department, the Practice Department, the Sports Department, the Literature and Art Department, the Academic Department and the Public Relations Department.

As two essential organizations of UTSEUS, YLC and SU have hosted a number of major events in and out of school, such as “Vitality at the Grassroots”, “Sparkling UTSEUS” commendation session, “Sino-French Cultural Festival”, “Quebec 24-hour Innovation Contest”, etc. The Youth League Committee and Student Union will always adhere to the goal of reuniting the students and fulfilling students’ pursuits, and furthermore, serve the students wholeheartedly.

French Club of UTSEUS

French Club was founded in 2005, together with the establishment of UTSEUS. It is based on the 13-year-old Sino-French cooperation and takes advantages of the high-quality teaching resources of UTSEUS to enrich the experience of various events. The club adheres to the goal of cultivating a group of talents who have Chinese spirits, embrace world culture, and strive to become civilized elites. It tries to sort out the resources that French learners can use in a mobile environment and share cross-cultural concepts.

French Club provides a platform for French-learners and other French-lovers at UTSEUS to communicate. Each semester, the club organizes picnics (fall or winter semester), dance parties (spring semester), urban visits, Christmas parties, etc. These activities have promoted exchanges between Chinese and foreign students and enriched students' after-school life. Besides, the club regularly promote the activities of Chinese and French students, stories of abroad study in France, French teaching videos, French poetry and French local culture on its WeChat to create a full range of French culture platform.

UTSEUS Creation Club

Founded in 2007, UTSEUS Creation Club is a three-star association of Shanghai University. It enjoys joint resources and support of both UTSEUS and Engineering Training Center of Shanghai University and establishes its own creative laboratory. Club activities mainly include robots design, knowledge sharing on mechanical design and programming, and visit to science and technology innovation activities for members to cultivate their abilities to solve problems independently and strengthen teamwork.

The club hosts the "UTSEUS Creation Robot Competition" every year and invites professional teachers as judges. The competition is highly challenging and enjoyable which attracts students from all colleges to participate in discussions, research and competition. Therefore, it helps to promote students’ capabilities of hands-on practice and collaborative team-work.

As the frontier of science and technology of UTSEUS, Creation Club has successfully applied for and carried out several school-level, municipal-level and national-level innovation projects, and will continue to invigorate science and technology activities of UTSEUS and Shanghai University.

Shang’ Ai Volunteer Team

Shang’ Ai Volunteer Team is a team full of passion and energy, affiliated to the Student Union of UTSEUS. Up to now, there have been four permanent projects in the charge of Shang’ Ai, which are volunteer services for the Robo-fan Science and Technology Competition, the Science Education, Baoshan Shaoke Station and Xingbao Retirement Community.

Every volunteer of Shang’ Ai will commit himself to do whatever is regarded as extraordinary in the eyes of others, and they always keep the team principle in mind and use their own actions to prove that love will affect everyone and kindness will be rooted in everyone’s heart one day.